Case Manager makes Google Pixel XL, maybe

5 minutes uncertain “Pixel Google is out there for a while, but our only view 5.5” Pixel XL is a dark image shown on the screen.

It seems like a case manufacturer has created Pixel XL prototype, probably based on the plans that have been received. We are aware of the large incision near the camera – ask what it is (no pun camera never mentioned), but is not yet clear. This could be a speaker, so close to the camera?

Stranger still is the Start button. Google phone did not have a physical button on the face of the 2010 Nexus S. A is not a fingerprint reader, a reader who is clearly on the back.

Google Google Pixel Pixel XL … allegedly allegedly XL …
Google reportedly Pixel XL …

There is an explanation for this – case managers get only the basic outline and ensure that cases correspond to the phone. Thus, it can be a picture “in relation to the generic phone” (not to cover the front, so that the plans can not contain the details of this part of the project).

In any case, from the XL Pixel wait “screen 5.5 QHD, Snapdragon 820 Revision 2 (perhaps renamed 821?), 4 GB of RAM, 12MP camera on the back and front of the 8MP,

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