Motorola Moto G4 & G4 Plus Play Review

Moto G4 & G4 Plus are cool phones for customers in the budget, but not everyone wants a 5.5-inch display. The free Motorola Moto Play G4 game scales up to 5 inches, and the price falls to $ 149.99, while the language of design, the experience of software, support and consistent broad compatibility in all areas is maintained. However, G4 Play has a smaller screen resolution and less powerful hardware than their larger counterparts, so it’s a little less attractive. There is no danger for R1 HD DVD $49.99 on Amazon, which provides better performance for less money, and keeps Editors Choice honors in the sand unlocked phone budget. (Motorola Moto G4 & G4 Plus Play Review)


Design, Features, and Display

Moto G4 $ 99.99 Amazon has the same black and gray polycarbonate design that the G4 and G4 Moreover, only in a small format. On the phone measures 5.7 by 2.8 by 0.4 inches (HWD) and weighs 4.8 ounces, smaller and lighter than the G4 (6.0 3.0 0.4 inches, 5.5 ounces) and more or less in par with R1 HD (5.6 by 2.8 by 0.3 inches, 5 ounces). On the one hand, it is easy, even if I am not inclined pretty thick frame around the screen or lips at the bottom. All other physical characteristics remain substantially the same as other models of G4. The power button and volume control on the right hand, charging micro USB port is on the bottom, and the headset is 3.5 mm on the top half. Peeling the back provide access to the SIM card slot, microSD card slot that works with 256GB Samsung Eva + card and 2,800mAh removable battery. This latter feature is one that is not on G4 or R1 HD, which is a plus if you want a spare battery. On the front page, you can find a 5-inch, 1280 x 720 IPS. The resolution corresponds to 294 pixels per inch (PPI), as R 1 definition, which is not as strong as a panel 1080p to 5.5 inches in G4 (401ppi). That said, the benefits of the screen with excellent color reproduction and viewing angle. But it would not be dazzling, making it hard to see sunlight. (Motorola Moto G4 & G4 Plus Play Review)

iPhone 7 Review

Network performance and quality of the network call
The game is compatible with all four major US carriers, which is a significant advantage over the R1 definition, which only works on AT & T and T-Mobile. It is compatible with GSM (850/900/1800 / 1900MHz), CDMA (850 / 1900MHz) HSDPA (850/900/1700/1900 / 2100MHz) and LTE (1/2/3/4/5/7 / 8 / 12/13/17/25/26/41) bands. We tried to AT & T and Verizon in downtown Manhattan, and we have seen good results in both carriers, with speeds up to 32Mbps download by Verizon and AT & T 22Mbps is also compatible with Wi -Fi in the 2.4 GHz band. Call quality is excellent. Emissions are heard loud and clear on both ends, with little distortion, even with the construction noise noisily nearby. My headset is loud enough to be heard in noisy environments. (Motorola Moto G4 & G4 Plus Play Review)

Processor and battery

The big difference between reading and G4 / G4 Plus performance. The game launches quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 1.2 GHz processor compared to the Snapdragon 617 that powers the other G4S. The difference in the benchmark results shows a distinct difference: The game got 28,647 in AnTuTu, that tests overall system performance, while the G4 is almost double the 46,260th, It is also interesting to note in the game scored more MediaTek powered little as R1 HD 6735 (31,847).

Despite the high score, because the user interfaces UX light, a part has a rating of only 720 3D, compared to HD 3277 R1. It means that you will get better performance for gaming in HD R1, that can run GTA: San Andreas, as opposed play, which showed similar rates to stop the flow of movement. In addition to 3D games, however, the execution was smooth. The game has 2 GB of RAM, which is enough to handle many more tasks. (Motorola Moto G4 & G4 Plus Play Review)

Battery life is a bright spot. The phone had 7 hours and 50 minutes in our test summary, in which we set the screen brightness to maximum and streams video in full-screen mode on LTE. It is better than both R1 HD (5 hours, 57 minutes) and Moto G4 (6 hours, 1 minute). You should not have any trouble getting use all day on the phone, especially since you can always buy an extra battery and replace if necessary.

The camera and software

Play G4 has an 8-megapixel camera capable of falling between the G4 and R1 HD regarding image quality. Photos taken outdoors are sharp, with colors that appear true to life. AE operates contrast between shadow and the sun, much better than most phones we’ve seen in this price range. There is some noise, however, especially in the corners of images and results Lighting damper blur and grain. (Motorola Moto G4 & G4 Plus Play Review)

G4 set the camera

The game is also capable of recording 1080p video at 30fps, but can be a bit nervous. The front 5-megapixel camera takes clear pictures, with sweetness from time to time, depending on the lighting conditions. Overall, this is a solid camera for the price, sharper R1 HD capture 8 megapixels, but not as sharp as the G4 of 13 megapixels.

The game comes running Android 6.0.1 build stock marshmallow, without amendments or adjustments to speak, outside of Motorola large item ID. No bloatware, leaving you with 10.96GB 16GB of total storage. You can also enjoy free friendly storage function, which can be worn with a microSD card and internal storage.

All in all, Motorola Moto G4 game is essentially a more compact version, cheaper than its older siblings. It supports a broad range of support groups, competent performance as a whole and a new version of Android running. For $ 50 more, however, you can get the G4, which has a sharper screen and a faster processor, as long as you do not mind the increased size. And for $ 50 less, you can get a Blu R1 HD, which offers similar features but with better game performance, it is the choice of our editors for smartphones cheap. (Motorola Moto G4 & G4 Plus Play Review)

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: Making A Great Phone Even Better

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review

Apple is ranked number 2 in the overall unity of the smartphone market share, # 1 mobile subscription still represents the vast majority of the benefits of smartphones in the world. Apple has also suffered a loss of market share in places such as China, which looks very willing to catch up with the iPhone 7 and iPhone supply was 6 SE. There were a lot of leaks about what will be the iPhone 7, or outside the dual cameras and the lack of headphones were mostly wrong. Everything changed in the iPhone 7, and this is something that has been lost in some people, I think, especially because they have read about leaks. I spent the last 72 hours with the iPhone 7 Plus, and I want to share some of my best moments in it. Although Apple has not changed the core of the industrial design of the phone, which change everything else, the approach is similar to Apple’s new second viewing Series Apple shows another great phone, but the time may have solved the problem plaguing the mobility experience in the process. There are certain things you will need to get used to the users, but in the end for me is all worth it. (Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage at the iPhone 7 event in San Francisco (Credit: Patrick Moorhead)


One of the outstanding features of the iPhone 7 Plus is its unique dual camera that provides unique features that no other phone has. This is, for me, is a big problem, because Apple has always been always the best or one of the best cameras on smartphones. Sometimes the competitors offer competing products against iPhone a few months later, but the iPhone is still the norm and still is regarded as the first three, no matter how biased can be examined. (Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review)

Improved iPhone Camera 7 Plus are numerous and begin with an opening over the 12-megapixel sensor with f / 1.8 lenses with a quad LED six elements in the primary camera. This device is the same on the iPhone as the iPhone on July 7 Plus, for more second camera 12-megapixel ‘telephoto aperture of f / 2.8 and 2x extra optical zoom. All in all, the configuration of the double camera on the iPhone 7 Plus provides up to 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, multiply the iPhone 7 and all other previous iPhone ever. I had the opportunity to launch a much deeper test chamber, but hopefully Anshel SAG, associate analyst to perform these when he gets his iPhone Plus 7 briefly. It includes the following depth of field (DOF) provides that Apple plans to launch later this year, creating a sharp image with close to the surface with strong bokeh (blur). ( Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review )

For me, the greatest achievement of the 2X optical zoom. I’m sure we can discuss the enormous difference between this and a DSLR like the Sony A7R2 my wife, but to call me. I do not anticipate ever have another digital camera. Period. I also like their decision to use a wide angle and telephoto camera lens. Set the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus also takes a lot faster and the picture looked brighter, but it does not wash.

We must not forget that in addition to the primary dual matrix camera, Apple also updated the camera in front of the front camera 7-megapixel camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer). This functionality is retained specifically for the master bedroom of the majority of smartphones, but Apple has decided to include this feature in smart camera face as well because it is guaranteed to improve the quality of low-light autofocus. Improving the resolution is a long time to come, especially for me, for my daughters do not communicate with me Snapchat autofocus So what is important. I think this will help in Asia than in the United States mean quality I auto foto most Asian markets, I know I’m generalizing, but here is what I see when I visit. It will also give your competitors less ammunition for singing.

Fusion SoC A10

A10 Fusion SoC design is the first quad-core Apple, ever. They have a dual-core solutions for almost all phones and a triple core made from time to time for the iPad. This merger A10 SoC has two cores of high-performance and low-power two hearts, with 6 cores not yet announced the GPU, but it is very likely that the solution based on Imagination Technologies PowerVR solution. Apple claims 50% faster performance GPU and a yield of 40% faster than the iPhone 6S CPU. I can confirm that his statements were correct CPU, but I’m still working on confirming the GPU 50% due to unstable benchmarks such as 3DMark and GFXBench. ( Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review )

I cannot believe Apple’s allegations, however, because they have a history of evaluating exactly the way they say they will do, and I was able to confirm his claims 40% of the CPU as shown in the points below the reference value of 6s iPhone:

  • 49% improvement in Google Octane in Safari V2
  • 41% increase in metal Basemark 10.7
  • improvement of 40% in Geekbench 3.4.1
  • 38% improvement in Geekbench 4.0
  • 25% improvement in OS Basemark II. This includes scoring with an increase of 45% in Photos
  • 21% improvement in JavaScript 1.1 Kraken

We must also bear in mind that compared to the iPhone 6s, but not what most Apple growers will use will be the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. Compared to what you might have seen a doubling of performance. The most striking part of the A10 Fusion and years on improving the performance of the year, which is no longer increases performance at these levels, even if they are not primarily silicon business. At some point, I think we’ll have to start calling the silicon of Apple. ( Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review )

A10 Fusion processors resulted in the most sensitive phone I’ve ever used, and I can not wait to see the games that are optimized for it, which effectively extend capabilities. Apple also includes a new ISP in A10 Fusion SoC and decided to speak for the first time, probably because of the dual cameras. Calculation thought that consumers need another “reason to believe” why the camera performs so well.

Fixing a broken Bluetooth Headset

We can all agree that Bluetooth does not work well with most smartphones. Connections are not reliable, the installation is a pain, they never seem to be responsible for helmets, and are so easy to lose. It’s all about the lack of a consistent experience, which is the heart of the problem. We all had a good experience, but we all had more negative experiences with Bluetooth headset for Bluetooth in the car or wireless speakers.

Apple is a company that fixes things. This is the company that has brought the first graphical user interface on a computer sold, probably the first consumer computer to any volume, makes music easier to buy and play with the iPod and iTunes, of course, re-writing the book on the smartphone. AirPods are still the best attempt to solve one problem out of the Bluetooth headset. I had to use the Apple event in San Francisco but did not use to this review 72 hours, because Apple did not make them available. When I use them in the case of launch, which connected immediately and looked great, while still in his ears as he jumped up and down hard, trying to get out (which is quite a sight to see). If AirPods perform long-term, as they did in the case and on the stage, I think Apple has a winner here, even with all the mockery that is seen on the Internet.

The problem was solved by Apple’s Bluetooth silicon innovation, and the creation of chip W1 is deliberately designed for Bluetooth communication. Although details of W1 are fragile, we know that both Apple and Beats brand appliances and enabling current experience and the high quality that Apple promises to deliver a new iPhone headset to AirPods as accompaniment.

This headphone jack or lack thereof

If there’s one thing, I’ve read other reviews and dialogue and discussion in the previous phase of the publication, which is the elimination of the handset. If Apple has just removed the headphones and no other part of the story, I think it would not be a problem. This is simply not the case.

It is important to know what is sent to the box. Apple shipped in a box adapter that allows any standard headset to connect to the lightning. Oh, and if you lose, you can buy one for $ 9 with free shipping. Apple has also included in the box a pair of EarPods Lightning. I’ve already talked AirPods earlier. ( Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review )

With all this included in the picture, I must say that it seems to be much ado about nothing. Well, I do not like EarPods personally, so I plugged my favorite headphones, Apple “in-ear headphones” in Lightning adapter, and I went. I bought some adapters; I spent $ 18 with free delivery 1-2 days

The only time I had a break was when I had to wear a helmet and connect your phone. First, I am the type of person you need to charge your phone for two, three times a day, because I have a lot of use, so I do not think that my usage patterns are normal. Can you call excessive smartphone users? Based on my usage patterns, I feel like I have AirPods or charging adapter, such as Belkin $ 39.99 “Lightning Audio + Charger Rockstar” where you can charge your phone and use physical helmet same time.

All in all, I do not think that most people will have significant problems with this. Besides, what sets the block in the future of wireless charging. Maybe thin Start button and remove the audio jack, we can have more space to add wireless charging.

Start Button

Remove the sound did not take long connector is used for, but a new home button did. Apple replaced the physical switch on the Start button and key Taptic solid state technology similar engines can be found on the Apple Watch and MacBook. When you press the Start button, you will feel the “touch,” but not “touch” today. No more feeling to be achieved button. In the configuration, Apple gives the user three options on how active they want to “touch.”

This is probably the only change in the iPhone 7, except those consumers will not notice an immediate improvement, unless it is reserved for more living space for the battery, better camera, and what is more resistant, it could resist water and dust. I even heard in Asia; consumers use touch support, which is on the screen because they feel it makes the most durable phone. ( Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review )

It took me about a day to use at ease with him, and for most, it will not be a problem.


The shows are always an area where Apple is always great, never better. The screen on the iPhone 7 Plus 1080P 5.5 “has a broad range of colors, which covers most of the color space DCI-P3, while 25% brighter than 6S Plus and 3D tactile. I did not necessarily think it is a representation of the 6S longer is a breakthrough in the OLED approach, and possibly sudden resolution, but Apple has made improvements up anyway. It was not from any point of the highest resolution on the market, many touches 1440p 3D display on other phones, but it is still beautiful and bright screen with precise color reproduction and image. It is now widespread and eventually takes most software developers use such features and I think very few can be considered ubiquitous touch 3D. ( Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review )

What has not been tested for 72 hours?

I had the opportunity to try some things in the short time that I was with the station 7 Plus.

Some of these things are LTE modem and Wi-Fi speed, reliability, and performance. It should be noted that Apple claims that this phone is capable of speeds of up to 450Mbps and supports LTE-Advanced, which means that all control in the United States to support these more LTE speeds.

Also, I have the opportunity to test the sound quality or appeal, which includes a new configuration of stereo speakers is the first in the Apple device, and it is partly made possible death headphones. Also, as already mentioned, I had to test and evaluate AirPods prolonged use. ( Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review )

When it comes to prolonged use, because it was just the device for 72 hours, I could not adequately test the battery life is still pretty good, but I’m sure other people will make a complete comparison. However, Apple is still right here, and I think Apple when they say that I am an hour to 6S Plus.

In the end, Apple claims the iPhone plus seven is waterproof and can not tests to confirm this. I Apple at its word, and if the iPhone had a problem with water resistance, have two Apple stores within 10 miles from home to replace.

Closing and “must improve.”

However, I think Apple has a winner on its hands with the iPhone 7 Plus. Apart from the obvious aesthetic like, Apple has improved on all top-down phone. The most significant improvement is in the camera, the A10 Fusion, AirPods and continuous improvement of battery life, and improved display processors, speakers, water resistance, LTE Advanced. Apple has even improved leather objects by adding the right buttons on the sides.

I think that all these improvements far outweigh the disadvantages put an adapter on your favorite headphones or earphones. If you are an iPhone 6 or more years, that’s obvious. Do it. If you have an iPhone 6S Plus, they are a year old, and wondering whether to move, you probably should not make your decision based on the quality of the camera and, if this is important to you. ( Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review)

Moto E3 Power Lauched in India

Lenovo has launched a new motto E3 power in India. The phone will be available exclusively via Flipkart for 7999 INR ($ 119).

E3 Moto Power has a 720p screen of 5.0 inches, MediaTek SoC MT6735p with 1.0GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU and Mali-T720 GPU 550MHz MP1, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage with a microSD card, 8MP rear camera , 5MP front camera, dual SIM support, 720p video Volta, splash resistance, and 3500mAh battery. Lenovo claims Quick charge with the included charger 10W 10W, but it does not seem particularly quick.

The phone will be available with an introductory offer, including sharing, free 32GB SanDisk microSD offers toll EMI, Moto discount atrial pulse 499 INR, Extra 800 INR by credit card, debit SBI and Reliance Jio welcome the offer.

Acer Liquid Jade Primo is Now Available in the UK Through a Microsoft Shop

While Acer Liquid Jade Primo is now available in the UK through the official website of Microsoft UK has now also started selling Windows 10 through its online store units. The phone is priced at £ 449th.

For that amount, Microsoft is also including a spring display, keyboard and mouse to the receiver. Acer, on the other hand, also sells the phone in almost the same price (£ 449.99), but including the flip-cover and full support office instead.