Huawei Joined Microsoft MateBook Ad that Mocks iPad Pro

Huawei does not want Microsoft to have all the fun. Last month, Microsoft released a shock announcement on the iPad Pro. Microsoft took the opportunity to show viewers that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 offers a trackpad, a more powerful processor, lots of office desktops race, and external ports. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro “feature, just press.”


Huawei launches an advertising campaign with its own MateBook and joins the party showing its light weight construction and fingerprint sensor. Well, it’s because it’s all on the surface of Pro 4th. So while Huawei MateBook works full Windows 10, as well as the Pro Area 4, which has external ports that are shown in the body Pro 4 or MateBook, comes with a USB-to-wire short USB-C as MateBook is based on a single USB-C connector for all connections.

Announcement Huawei said “we too,” but an announcement is also important for Huawei, as it establishes the presence of the brand in the US and joining the brand in the Windows PC market.

Huawei MateBook is out and available from the $ 699 model / 128GB core m3, however, that the only real tablet PC is reached. If you want to complete the installation, the price starts to soar from there. You will pay a little money for other accessories such as Pen ($ 60), Keyboard Folio ($ 130) and spring ($ 90).

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