What is Deep Web and how does it work? Know the myths and truths!

Imagine if you could post any type of content on the internet, without running the risk of being tracked through your IP address. In general, this is more or less what happens on the Deep Web .

It is estimated that the “ secret internet ”, as it is often called, is infinitely bigger than the conventional internet that we know. And because of that, there is a lot of speculation and some myths about the Deep Web. After all, since it is not possible to access the Deep Web content easily, any statement about it is also not easily contradicted.

Myths and conspiracy theories aside, it is undeniable that the Deep Web represents a universe slightly larger than the internet that we know through links that we find on Google, Bing and the like. Because of this, in this text we present to you what the Deep Web is and how this enigmatic and little-known part of the internet works.

Definition of Deep Web

The Deep Web is a part of the internet that is not located through standard search engines. This happens because their links are all encrypted and long, and they are only available through searches performed through specific browsers. It is for this reason that it receives, not unfairly, the nickname “secret internet”.

How does the Deep Web work?

Deep Web works through two main resources. First, as we will see below, to access the Deep Web you need to be using specific browsers. The most common browsers, such as Mozila Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, for example, do not take you to sites hosted on Deep Web.

Second, the links and domain addresses of sites hosted on the Deep Web are long and encrypted, making it virtually impossible for you to access them through random searches. On the conventional internet you can find sites with simple addresses and associated with the keywords of the main content of the site. But on the Deep Web it  is different.

What does it take to browse the Deep Web?

There is no single way to browse the Deep Web . However, there are some points to consider. First of all, we must remember that the main proposal of Deep Web is anonymous browsing . This means that you will need to have a browser installed that allows you to browse anonymously and securely.

1 – Download an incognito app

The most common application for this purpose is Tor . It is free and open source software, which has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, which provides anonymous and secure browsing. Therefore, the first step for you to browse the Deep Web is to install Tor (or another similar application) on your computer.

2 – Search for website addresses

In conventional browsers, you usually go to Google or another similar site, type in a search term and it already finds trusted sites associated with those terms. But with the Deep Web you cannot do this, because there is no search engine as effective as Google on the Deep Web.

What you need to do is find a directory of sites that allows you to find addresses compatible with Tor , since the links you find in Tor are made up of randomly distributed characters, followed by the .onion ending.

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